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Foodini is an intelligent 3D food printing kitchen appliance that enables you to print your own real, natural ingredients into precise portions and shapes. Foodini empowers you to create the most amazing new recipes and dishes, making cooking more creative, faster, tastier and healthier.


Foodini enables you to print your food onto a plate in precise portions and shapes. By layering these shapes you can build real 3D creations that take your dishes to another level.
Elevate your food.

Healthy food

Is real food

Foodini food is real food, made from fresh ingredients prepared by you before printing. From guacamole with secret spices to Grandma's heart-shaped vanilla-mint cookies, Foodini promotes cooking with fresh ingredients for healthier, happier eating.

Easy to use


The team at Natural Machines gets that this is a new way to prepare food. So we have made the setup and interaction with Foodini super easy. From loading the stainless steel capsules to the interaction with the large touch screen, we will guide you through every step of the process.


Precision and Balance

Foodini adds another dimension that expands your creativity in the kitchen. Create fascinating food designs, present food in extraordinary ways, and customize and balance dishes to amaze customers.
Foodini equals endless possibilities.

Design. Food. Technology.

Foodini is a precision, intelligent kitchen appliance, designed and developed for you to print almost any food with a high degree of accuracy. Our designers and engineers have crafted a unique system that is hygienic, food safe and very easy to set up, operate and maintain. The perfect recipe of Design, Food and Technology.

Dish Gallery

Jump start your imagination around 3D food printing by taking a look at Foodini prints in our gallery.

Be inspired.

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The Foodini Formula

A successful Foodini print is made up of 2 main elements: creations and fillings. Creations are the shapes that print. Fillings are the ingredients that are loaded into the capsules and printed - into creations. Both creations and fillings can be custom made and used independently but they can also be combined to form recipes. Laid out just like your favourite recipe book, recipes are super easy to setup, edit and prepare.

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