Who uses Foodini?

Foodini is currently helping many people around the world elevate their creative food potential. People from over 90 countries have reached out to us asking about Foodini. It is used by restaurants, food service providers, food manufacturers, education and research institutes, nutrition and health companies... plus many, many more.

Professional Kitchens, Restaurants and Dining Experiences

Exceed customer expectations and differentiate your business by creating designer food with Foodini. Create wow factors: fascinating food designs, present food in extraordinary ways, and customize dishes to amaze your customers.

The 3D printer I think was hands down the highlight of Sue’s Tech Kitchen for everyone.

Randi Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg Media & Sue’s Tech Kitchen

Food Manufacturers and Food Service Providers

Foodini is like having a mini-food manufacturing facility in the kitchen. Foodini presents an optimized and sustainable way of providing customized food & ingredients, and enables a deeper direct relationship path with customers.

The Lab of Elior Group chose the Foodini 3D food printer to experiment with new ways of cooking. We are convinced that 3D printed dishes will progressively enter into our food habits & Foodini will certainly have a main role.

Pascale Chevallier-Gallen


Hospitals and Health Organizations

For patients with dysphagia or other conditions that require consistency-modified diets, Foodini can improve patients’ food intake by serving dishes that more closely resemble real food. Foodini enables customizing and tracking individual nutrients in foods.

With Foodini we are in the process of printing eye appealing and flavorful creations from our own recipes to serve to our patients on dysphagia diets. We realize we have only scratched the surface of what Foodini can produce and look forward to an exciting and creative future with 3D printed food.

Laura Robson

University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics

Food Tech, R&D Companies and Schools

Foodini is in a number of research and development companies pursuing innovative advances in food and food production solutions. Top institutes training the next generation of hospitality and culinary arts professionals are using Foodini, an example of an evolution in culinary practices.

This food printer is the future of the kitchen.

Holly Kristinsson


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